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DevOps is a movement that mainly aims for a better cooperation between operations and development. For more information visit (1)  What Is This Devops Thing, Anyway? and/or (2) What DevOps means to me… . Wikipedia has also a definition for DevOps: “… It relates to the emerging understanding of the interdependence of development and operations in meeting a business’ goal to producing timely software products and services.”. To solve this interdependence we need to cooperate to produce software, which can be good managed and operated. But on the other hand, that means that good software relays upon good operation practices.

The group aims to bring Berlin’s system administrators, system engineers, system developers, web operators, software developers, test engineers, software architects and alike together and create a media for information and knowledge exchange. We concentrate on the following topics:

  • Operations of web platforms
  • “Infrastructure as code” and system automation.
  • Agile methods in operation teams
  • Operations best practices.
  • Build and deployment

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